The folks at One Idea enjoy writing about all the best ways to gift that special someone in your life and recommend cool products that they’re obsessed with on a regular basis.  You, the reader, can support us by simply reading and sharing our content and, perhaps, purchasing the products that we recommend.  To be clear, when you click on a link of a product that we recommend or reference, we may earn a commission from third-parties like  Don’t worry, it doesn’t impact the price you pay for anything you buy.  We just get a super small commission from the retailer as a ‘thank you’ for the referral.  It helps us keep the lights on around here!

So why do we recommend so many products via Amazon, you ask?  Great question.  The simple answer is that we honestly love shopping on Amazon, especially because we usually can get either free 2-day shipping (with Amazon Prime, of course) and in some cases same day shipping depending on where in the United States you live.  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t shop on Amazon?!  It just seems easier this way.

However, we’ll also link to other retailers as well – especially if we think they have a better price, a super unique product, or we just feel like it.  Our partnership with Skimlinks is great because they they manage all those links for us, which is awesome, because we don’t have the time and then we can spend our time doing things like we really love like finding the perfect joke gift for our boss.  #Priorities.

So does this mean we’ll only choose to link where we can make money?  Nope.  Take a tour around and you’ll see we’ve linked all over the place, including places that actually don’t pay.  Basically, we’re not going to just link to Amazon because of their affiliate commission policy.  I mean, Amazon does rule though amiright?!

Once we make some money from the affiliate commissions we do things like keep the lights on around here, pay some bills (hello server costs!), deal with taxes (what an absolute bummer) and maybe buy some beers and the like.  It always changes.

We good now?  I know, that wasn’t so bad was it?  Thanks for reading and for supporting  We hope we made you laugh and we hope maybe you bought something we recommended and it just made your life…better.