When kids find something that they really like, it turns into a lifestyle. Whether it is a favorite band, sports team, or game, they will surely want the world to know that they are into these things by clothing themselves with merchandise from said interest, putting posters up on their bedroom wall or if it is a game, playing it nonstop every day. This is most true with fans of Minecraft.

An exceedingly popular game amongst adults and especially kids, Minecraft has extended its fame to different merchandise that fans can sport and play with. With that being said, we found the perfect gift for the kid in your life who absolutely loves this game – and that is the Minecraft Creeper Zip-Up Hoodie.

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If you have played the game, you would know that the creepers are the villains in the Minecraft world, threatening your character as you build your own little world. This officially licensed hoodie will let your teenager transform themselves into this Minecraft villain with its unique zip-up feature!

Simply zip the hoodie up to your head and it will reveal a Creeper’s eyes and mouth cut out with black mesh covering it so your kid can breathe through.


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